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"Train your body nutritionally, not just physically"
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In The News.....MXSN announces sponsored riders for 2014 SX and MX seasons: Mackenzie Tricker WMX, Troy Lee Designs Shane McElrath, RSR racing/Starr Cycles: Jesse Wentland and Zack Williams, Factory Metalworks/ClubMX Jace Owen, Scott Sayers Masters MX.

Our introduction

I am proud to offer a customized, multi-dimensional body performance program for all MX/SX riders and other sports or fitness enthusiasts.
Whether an amateur, professional or just riding for fun, learn how supplying your body with its proper, unique nutritional requirements, can have a dramatic impact on your endurance and overall performance, as well as your overall well-being. We are all bio-chemically unique individuals; discover your personal needs and excel to the highest level.
Besides being a Body Performance Coach, I ride and race Motocross myself. I have a precise and clear understanding of every aspect of nutrition and how it applies to body performance specific to Motocross. Through my extensive health education, certifications, and experience I have developed an all-encompassing body performance program, where your on-bike performance is enhanced by your off-bike life.
You’ll be amazed at the results you’ll get when you apply proper attention to all the factors of performance; physical, mental, and emotional. Regardless of age or riding level, everyone can benefit.
Learn more about my services by exploring this website or calling me at (540) 622-4989.

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